Tromsø, a city in northern Norway, is a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle. Is formed as a viewing point for colourful Northern Lights that sometimes light up the nighttime sky.


  • The northern lights in Tromsø Several organised tours are available where experienced aurora chasers will typically drive you by minibus out of the city to wherever the lights are strongest and the cloud cover is weakest.
  • Don’t Take Taxis in Tromsø
    Or anywhere in Norway. Sorry, taxi companies in Norway. It is absurdly expensive and there is always a public transportation option available in almost any city, including Tromsø.
  • Tromsø (and Norway) Doesn’t Like Cash
    Are you planning to arrive in Tromsø with a load of cash to change over to Norwegian kroner? Well, don’t. Norwegians hate cash. And you will too after you leave Norway!
  • Shop at Grocery Stores in Tromsø (not 7-11 or Narvesen)
    If you’re on a budget, definitely stay away from 7-11 or Narvesen kiosk and convenience stories. The cheapest places to purchase food anywhere in Norway is at a grocery store (particularly Kiwi, Rimi, or Rema 1000).


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