Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday destinations is hardly a surprise, thanks to its luxurious hotels, stunning beaches and an impressive collection of significant historical attractions to go with it. With hot, sunny summers and mild winters, it’s a year-round destination,


  • The gateway to Antalya’s Old Town
    Easily one of the most iconic spots in the whole city, the unmistakable Hadrian’s Gate is the main entrance into Kaleiçi, Antalya’s picturesque Old Town. Offering the perfect Instagram photo opportunity, this historical landmark was built in AD 130 to commemorate the visit of Emperor Hadrian to the city.
  • A maze of charming architecture
    Without a doubt, one of Antalya’s biggest attractions, the city’s Old Town (Kaleiçi) is fascinatingly historic and unfalteringly charming. Allow yourself to get lost in the narrow, cobbled streets and take in the unique Ottoman houses as you go. You’ll find an array of shops, galleries, restaurants and boutique hotels among the sea of white-washed buildings and distinctive terracotta roofs.
  • A comprehensive look at the country’s history
    Delve into Turkey’s fascinating history at the vast and comprehensive Antalya Museum. The museum showcases artefacts and findings from the Stone Age and Bronze Age, right through to the days of the Byzantine Empire. There’s an emphasis on ruins in the local area, as well as items that have been discovered at sites along the Turkish Coast, in the Hall of Regional Excavations.
  • The ancient Greco-Roman city of Aspendos, particularly its remarkable Roman theatre, is an excellent example of Turkish history. Built-in AD 155, the impressive theatre has certainly stood the test of time. At nearly 100 metres tall, it was designed to hold 12,000 spectators, who were to be entertained by gladiator duals.


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