Crystal Clear lake

Flathead is a very large freshwater lake located in the northwestern corner of Montana. It is actually a remnant of a massive inland sea Lake Missoula which covered much of the region during the last inter glacial, some 13,000 years ago.

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It is famous for its crystal clear water, which appears as shallow as a Taylor Swift song, even though it’s actually around 370 feet deep. Here are five other, little known facts about Flathead Lake. It is the largest natural freshwater lake to the west of the Mississippi river. It’s basically like the sexier younger sister of the northern Great Lakes.

It is 370 feet, but it averages about 164 or so. This means that it is deeper than the Yellow Sea or the Persian Gulf. It is named for the Flathead Indians, who still live on the Flathead Indian Reservation south.

Legend has it that Monster inhabits the lake. It is described as a large eel-shaped creature similar to the Loch-Ness monster. It is so clear however, wouldn’t you be able to see any large sea serpents swimming around?

It exists at the end of the Rocky Mountain Trench, which was carved out a long time ago by an enormous glacier. It is one of the cleanest lakes in the world for its size and type. So basically if the zombie apocalypse ever happens and you find yourself in need of a bath, you should probably make your way to Montana.

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