Hong Kong

Hong Kong Do’s

  • Request both chinese & english menus in local cha-chaan tang
  • Bargain whenever you can (please not in malls though)
  • Download ‚Open Rice‚ -the app for food, most popoular here
  • Say ‚Ng Goi‚ ->thank you/ please in Cantonese
  • Buy Octopus Card for transport and shopping payment
  • Take the MTR if you are in rush
  • Try Tram in HK Island / Ferry in Central/Wanchai/TST if you are not in rush
  • Work here if you want to experience more

Hong Kong Don‚ts

  • Talk to locals in Mandarin
  • Expect people are friendly at all, everyone here is busy 24/7
  • Smoke indoor
  • Go to crowded districts on weekend (suffocating there)
  • Choose here as a retiring/long-term living place ( 🙁 )
  • Work here if you are looking for design/IT-related jobs 🙁