Tokyo Do‚s

  • Do wear a mask, a surgical mask, as a courtesy to those around you if you ever get the sniffles in Tokyo
  • Do leave your US wallet at home.
  • Do carry lots of cash.
  • Do be sure to take off your shoes when you enter a house.
  • Be prepared to carry your trash around with you in Tokyo.

Tokyo Don‚ts

  • Don‚t try to push open a sliding door.
  • Don‚t ever rest your chopsticks in your food (except at funerals).
  • Don‚t jaywalk in Tokyo.
  • Don‚t talk on your cell phone on a subway car or bus.
  • Don‚t be an early riser.
  • No hugging.
  • Don‚t expect to walk at your usual pace.
  • Don‚t expect to pay at the table at restaurants.
  • Don‚t eat on the street.