‚ Nepal Do’s

  • Always keep your credit card with you and do not let it out of your sight when making purchases. Even better if you purchase the things with cash.
  • Book hotel in advance at least for a night or two. If you are staying for more nights than booked in advance then depending on your interest you can stay on the same hotel or change once you arrive.
  • Be sure to exchange back all the Nepalese currencies before you leave. They are not accepted (or even exchanged for that matter) outside of Nepal. Besides, taking currency out of the country is against the law.
  • Always be alert/aware of ‚Bandhs‚ (Strikes ‚ where no transportation is allowed) as they can alter all your travel plans substantially.
  • If you are planning to apply for the Visa at the airport, make sure to have passport size photo available. Plan B is to have your photo taken at the booth at the airport.

‚ Nepal Don’ts‚ 

  • Do not trek alone. There have been numerous disappearances of solo trekkers in recent years. Always hire a guide or trek with other people. There are online forums where travelers can look for fellow-trekkers. This applies to everyone but especially women that are travelling single ‚ they seem to more vulnerable
  • Do not assume that ‚ganja‚ (marijuana) is legal in Nepal. It is not. Even though it is a common weed on hillsides you can get in trouble for picking it and carrying it for consumption purpose.
  • Don‚t lose your cool. Raising your voice or shouting is seen as extremely bad manners in Nepal too and will only make any problem worse.
  • Do not touch someone‚s head or sit showing the bottom of your feet towards them. It is considered rude.
  • Do not drink water that is not bottled or boiled. Avoid raw vegetables and pre-cut fruit as much as possible.