Berlin Do‚s

  • Waiteth in line at‚ Berghainwith all the riffraff at least once.
  • Do thy weekend grocery shopping on a Saturday.
  • Maketh an effort to learn German… at least at the beginning.
  • Surviveth at least one Berlin Winter
  • Useth thine inside voice.
  • Go West!‚ Occasionally!
  • Get into Fussball, if only once every four years.
  • Knoweth thy local Spti (Sptkauf or late shop) owner
  • Leaveth thy bottles out as a sacrifice to the gods…
  • Asketh not whither the spicy food has gone.

Berlin Don‚ts

  • Waiteth for thy little traffic man to turn green before crossing the street.
  • Eateth a daily döner after thine first year here
  • Moveth here expecting to get a palace for a penny
  • Useth the U2 to get anywhere but a few stops away
  • Useth the U-Bahns and S-Bahns at all in Summer, if thou canst help it
  • Rideth the U-Bahn without a ticket,despite what we may have said before
  • Buyeth thy bike at Mauerpark, Treptower Park, or any of the ‚found junk‚ flea markets
  • Pepper thine English with German words, thereby pretending thou speaketh German