Hamilton is the capital city of Bermuda, a British island territory in the North Atlantic. Along the harbour, Front Street features pastel-coloured colonial buildings and high-end shops. The stone Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity has a tower with city views. The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute offers ocean discovery exhibits. Northeast is the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, home to sharks and turtles.

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Capital of the island since 1815, Hamilton is a small, vibrant and a friendly city. It’s the heart and commercial hub of the island. For being the main container port in the island, city of Hamilton is also the center of shipping and trade in Bermuda. Hamilton City is located centrally in the island and in Pembroke parish facing the Hamilton Harbor (the tapering water area between Pembroke and Paget parishes).

The Parish Map shows location of Hamilton City. Front Street runs along the water edge and is the first part of the city seen by the cruise ship passengers as they come to shore in Hamilton. Front Street is the life and soul of Hamilton City and center of all the main activities. This is where most of the island’s glittering shops, great restaurants, retail shops and many other commercial establishments like banks &‚ insurance companies are located. And as expectedly, this is the busiest place in the island.
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Languages:‚  Ontario, English
Flight Time from New Delhi: 14 hours 45 minutes
Best Time to Visit:
For the best weather visit Hamilton Island anytime from May to November. Hamilton Island enjoys a year round tropical climate of hot, wet summers and warm, dry winters with a pleasant spring and autumn.
Hamilton Island, the Whitsundays