Hamilton‚ Don‚ts

  • Do not park, not even for a moment, at any bus stops on or off the road; or anywhere there is a yellow line in the middle of the road. So many tourists do. It infuriates bus drivers who cannot park in bus stops and persons lined up behind them on Bermuda‚s very narrow roads.
  • Do not use cell phones while driving.
  • DO NOT waste your time trying to work via the wireless internet at Grotto Bay. While I can get e-mails I can‚t send them out, and no one around here seems to know why.
  • DO NOT expect to eat on the cheap in Bermuda. It‚s an island, you silly goose, so most everything has to be shipped in. Dining is expensive here, but worth it.

Hamilton Do‚s

  • Give way to Police cars, fire engines and ambulances sounding alarms
  • DO come and visit during the winter months. Sure it won‚t be beach weather, but there‚s plenty of shopping, golf, relaxing, and cocktailing for anyone wishing to escape the winter blues and blahs.
  • DO play golf when you come here, as bermuda has some of the most picturesque golf courses in the world. My favorite is Port Royal, but it‚s a little pricey for me, so I‚m heading to Riddell‚s Bay while my lovely wife does some shopping in Hamilton.
  • DO drop in to one of the Swizzle Inns for dinner and cocktails. Their rums swizzles are the best, their menu has a little something for everyone, and it‚s all good. You can ‚swizzle out‚ after a memorable (or, after a couple of pitchers of rum swizzle) or somewhat memorable night (if you know what I mean).
  • DO visit Tavern by the Sea in St. George‚s (pronounced here at St. Georgees) for lunch. One of the most picturesque places to dine on the island.
  • DO expect to relax ‚ Bermuda may be sub-tropical, but the people here live on island time.
  • DO plan a day shopping in Hamilton. Lots of clothes, jewelry, and duty-free shops to stock up your bar. Yes, you can get ‚the Blue‚ here, and rather easily.