Bulgaria Do’s

  • ‚ Learn some Bulgarian and at least the Cyrillic alphabet. It‚s easier to get around.
  • ‚ Find out about Bulgarian wine and food and the history of Cyrillic. Bulgarians will be delighted when you show an interest in the things they‚re immensely proud of.
  • Nodding your head means “No” And Shaking your head means “yes”.
  • The elders member of the family are respected and served first at the table.
  • Guest brings Presents for their host. when receiving a gift it is polite to open.
  • Eating more foods shows appreciation for it.

Bulgaria Don’ts

  • The Guest can’t enter to a house with their shoes, they have to take them off.
  • The hosts mustn’t leave their guest to stay alone at the table
  • Don’t smoke indoors in public places.
  • Don’t empty your glass if you don’t want it to be refilled.
  • Don’t point out at somebody or something.