Prague‚ Do‚s

  • Get around by public transportation or by walk.
  • Explore Prague‚s neighbourhoods. Put your map away and discover new adventures.
  • Use your bank card and ATM.
  • Walk the Charles Bridge and old town square at night. The tourists are gone. It‚s magical and romantic.
  • Spend a day walking with no destination in your mind. Look up the architecture is breathtaking.
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes.
  • Be careful, keep an eye on your bag and wallet, don‚t leave it open and split your cash.
  • Walk any of the street parallel to Wenceslas square.
  • Look out for typical dishes.

Prague Don‚ts

  • Catch a taxi on the street or an main tourist spots. Get overcharged and leave without a printed receipt.
  • Stay always in the city centre and miss many gems if you only focus on the top attractions.
  • Never ever change money with people on the street.
  • Try to see every, must see attractions, especially during rush hours.
  • Just stop in the middle of the street, pull out and look at your map in a public space.
  • Get pick pocketed on the tram or in touristy areas.
  • Walk around, eat or take cab on Wenceslas square at night.
  • Be regimented stress about work on vocation. Be a tourist.