‚ Roseau Do’s

  • Do learn the language. If you aren’t fluent, that’s okay, but keep working on it. Don’t wait till you can speak it perfectly to use it.
  • Do share: it’s rude to eat in front of someone without offering them some.
  • Do be patient: most everything seems to take longer here. Getting angry will not get you faster service, it will just get you a bad name.
  • Do learn to appreciate and cook the local food.
  • Do remember that loyalty to friends and family is a pillar of Dominican culture.
  • Do observe how the nationals dress, and learn what is appropriate for your particular area. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed in most govt. buildings, and shorts mark you as a tourist in most areas.
  • Do learn how to drive. There really is a system. It might be best to observe a while before jumping right in.
  • Do find out about a little about labor law before hiring people. You might be in shock when you find out about maternity benefits, liquidation, and that in December that you have to pay a double wage.

Roseau Don’ts

  • Don’t constantly talk about how it’s done in your country of origin.
  • Don’t be openly scornful of home remedies, even if you think they are silly. You don’t have to use them, but be respectful and appreciative of those who offer their advice.
  • Don’t expect most activities to start at the hour indicated. Generally they will start a half hour to an hour later, or even more, depending on the type of activity.
  • Don’t eat on the street until you’ve been here a good while and‚  have learned what is safe (and gotten more accustomed to the local bacteria.)
  • Don’t spend all your time with expats from your country. Make Dominican friends as well.