1. Raia Alhada‚ (Skate with Garlic, Olive Oil and Potatoes)

In this fish dish, the skate is cooked with lots of olive oil and garlic, revealing the typical flavours of this city where the Mediterranean diet is so influential.

Where to go: Ilha da Culatra (Culatra Island).

2.Lulas Recheadas   Algarvia‚ (Stuffed squid, Algarve Style)

In the Algarve’s capital, the squid are stuffed with a delicious mixture of chorizo sausage, rice and parsley. They are usually served with plain boiled rice, to soak up all the flavours.

Where to go: Marina de Faro (Faro Marina).

3.Carapaus Fritos com Arroz de Tomate‚ (Fried Horse Mackerel with Tomato Rice)

When you are exploring the city, be sure to try some fried horse mackerel served with tomato rice, an emblematic combination for the people from Faro.

Where to go: Cidade Velha (The Old Town).

4. Choquinhos Fritos‚ (Fried Baby Cuttlefish)

A delicious titbit to try in Faro, these little cuttlefish are fried with garlic and are the perfect choice for a day spent enjoying the sunshine and the sea.

Where to go: Ilha do Farol (Farol Island).

5. Bifes de Atum de Cebolada‚ (Tuna Steak with Onions)

Even if you’re not much of a fish fan, you are bound to be won over by these marvellous tuna steaks fried in garlic and served with lots of onion.

Where to go: Jardim Manuel B­var (Manuel B­var Garden).

6. Salada de Polvo‚ (Octopus Salad)

Octopus salad is a light, refreshing dish that can be enjoyed beside the sea.

Where to go: Ilha Deserta (Deserta Island).

7. Dourada Grelhada‚ (Grilled Gilt-Head Bream)

In Faro, fish can be found on every menu. Grilled gilt-head bream served with a delicious country salad gives you a true taste of summer!

Where to go: Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market).

8. Carne de Porco com Amªijoas‚ (Pork with Clams)

Many restaurants in Faro have open-air seating and this is best place to enjoy pork with clams, a dish that will delight your family and friends.

Where to go:‚ Rua de Santo António (The pedestrianised shopping street, Rua de Santo António).

9. Xarm com Conquilhas‚ (Maize Porridge with Conquilha Clams)

Maize porridge with baby clams is a very traditional dish in the Algarve. The flavour of the sea from the clams and the texture of the maize porridge combine to make this a delicious and unique dish.

Where to go: Ria Formosa (Nature Reserve).

10. ‚ Arroz de Lingueir£o‚ (Razor Shell Rice)

Arroz de lingueir£o

Razor shell rice is one of the city’s most typical dishes and although usually accompanied with fried eels can also be served as a main course.

Where to go: Praia de Faro (Faro Beach).