Gambia Do’s

  • Take out holiday Insurance before travelling.
  • take your anti-Malaria medications regularly
  • take your footwear off before entering a house;
  • greet people with your right hand;
  • ask for permission before taking photos;
  • avoid walking alone at night or in isolated places;
  • be cautious of giving rides to people you don’t know;
  • know very well the person you give your address to;
  • put money in a safe pocket or purse;
  • introduce potential friends to your host family or colleagues;
  • visit public places and use public transportation when possible;


Gambia Don’ts

  • expose large sums of money when on holiday;
  • display physical affection in the open;
  • smell food before eating it;
  • point at individuals with your finger;
  • hold food with your left hand;
  • be judgmental about religion;
  • be overly friendly with people’s wives or husbands;
  • offer your left hand to receive things;
  • handle animals (especially monkeys, canines and cats);
  • swim in fresh water, particularly the river;
  • drink alcohol in an Islamic compound