Lisbon‚ Do‚s

  • Do‚ have a vinho verde watching the sun go down from Gra§a with all of Lisbon spread out before you.
  • Do‚ buy a 24-hour transport card for 6 Euro (valid on all trams, the metro and buses).
  • Do‚ admire the streets of Lisbon by strolling through Bairro Alto.
  • Do‚ go to the Mercado da Ribiera, also known as the Timeout Market
  • Do‚ have seventeen custard tarts in a row at Pasteis de Belm.
  • Do‚ go to Belm on a Monday ‚ however the trams are quieter, the Monastery‚s exterior is stunning, the 54 m high Monument to the Discoveries is open for good views of the River Tejo and there is a much shorter wait for those irresistible custard tarts at Pasteis de Belm!
  • Do‚ spend your money on visiting‚ Sintra‚  The former summer residence of Portuguese royalty is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I wish I had taken my own advice!

Lisbon Don‚ts

  • Don‚t‚ get lost in Alfama‚s narrow winding spooky laneways after dark ‚ you‚ll think the graffiti is coming to life and chasing you!
  • Don‚t‚ expect to get on the Old Town tram (line 25 or 28) or the Belm tram (line 15) without queuing for HOURS at peak times!
  • Don‚t‚ try to walk the whole city in a day ‚ sometimes it is better to wait for the trams!
  • Don‚t‚ go anywhere near Amorino Gelato ‚ the temptation is just too overwhelming to resist!
  • Don‚t‚ queue for hours to take said custard tarts home with you ‚ sit inside instead!
  • Don‚t‚ go to Belm on a Monday ‚ the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and Torre de Belm are closed
  • Don‚t‚ visit the overpriced and boring Castelo S£o Jorge