Taos Do’s

  • Speak Spanish to people there or at least try to. It goes a long way when you do. Even if you can only say hello how are you, please, thank you, and your welcome. At least you try. People appreciate it.
  • Remember you are a guest in another country, do be respectful of their laws and customs.
  • Treat all people how you would like to be treated.
  • Get out of the tourist areas and see how people live in Mexico. The food is usually 1000 times better. Things are also usually cheaper.
  • Get to know, make friends with local people.
  • Do buy Lomotil (diarrhea) medicine. It costs about 5 to 7 usd and will save you if you have some problems.

Taos Don’ts

  • Don’t act superior to other people because you have money or are a tourist. You are a guest, behave like one.
  • Don’t be daring and eat from street vendors. My friends who live all their life there don’t do it, why would you? Never eat clams or other raw seafood which vendors carry around on the beaches. Can get Hepititus A and other things.
  • Don’t assume any water except bottled water is safe. Some hotels have purified tap water, but ask before you drink it.
  • Don’t be afraid to explore and meet new people.
  • Don’t assume since you are in Mexico that their laws do not apply to you. They do. And Meixcan prisons are not a pretty place.