Morocco‚ Don’ts

  • Do not offer alcohol to a Muslim unless you are in a bar or they are already imbibing.
  • Do not eat or drink in public during Ramadan which is extremely rude.
  • Do not offend the Moroccans with your revealing clothes. Muslims dress conservatively.‚  Both men and women usually cover their bodies completely except at the beach.
  • Do not carry a Bible in Arabic or involve in any such activity that upset the religious sentiments of the people.
  • Do not eat communal food with your left hand, as this is used for personal hygiene. The right hand is used for greeting and eating.
  • Do not carry large amount cash in hand; use the traveler‚s cheques instead.
  • Do not enter a taxi without meter or agreed taxi fare.
  • Do not get involved in any kinds of drugs; even the penalties for possessing small amount of drug are very harsh.
  • Do not buy water or orange juice from the main square as outside shops are cheaper.
  • Do not take pictures of snakes/ monkeys/ dancers without paying.
  • Do not drink alcohol in view of a mosque which is considered highly disrespectful.
  • Do not visit during the month of Ramadan when the faithful fast each day until sunset, although you won‚t be expected to fast, and in most larger towns and cities you are able to find places to eat during the day.
  • Do not travel to the Western Sahara region of Morocco due to the presence of landmines. Check Safe Travel for current government warnings.

Morocco‚ Do’s

  • Do learn a little Arabic. Although everyone speaks French there, a few native words will go a long way.
  • Do greet with a handshake and friendly inquiries about health, happiness and family pleasantries.
  • Do wear decent cloths. Although casual gear is widely acceptable, wearing any clothing that reveals arms or legs is disrespectful except in the beach or poolside.
  • Do be patient and chatty. Moroccan chattiness makes everyday interactions more pleasant. When offered tea, it‚s polite to at least take a sip.
  • Do avoid large gatherings. Keep a low profile and do not be proactive.
  • Do be careful when someone approaches you without an invitation in case they take advantage of their naivet or rip you off.
  • Do bring tissues with you for toilets.
  • Do prevent from sexual harassment if a woman travelling alone. Pretend to know your environment, walk purposefully and avoid unnecessary eye contact.