Baked Buffalo Wings‚ ‚ or just ‚wings‚ if you‚re a Buffalonian, are obviously our biggest claim to fame. Wings were first created at the Anchor Bar‚ in Buffalo in 1964, and from there, they‚ve grown in popularity and are now served around the world. Tossed in hot sauce and served with a side of blue cheese and crisp celery, wings are a staple at any Buffalo‚ tailgate party.

Beef on Weck‚ ‚ Buffalo‚s most famous sandwich. Roast beef, thinly sliced and dipped in au jus, then piled high on‚ a kummelweck‚ roll. Just what is a kummelweck‚ roll? Basically, it‚s a kaiser roll topped with coarse salt and caraway seeds. Legend has it that a bar owner added the salt to the roll to encourage his patrons to buy more beer. Beef on weck is so popular that you are bound to find it at almost‚ every high school graduation party in Western NewYork.

Buffalo Chicken Dip ‚ I don‚t think there is anyone out there who doesn‚t like buffalo chicken dip. Although it is not necessarily a Buffalo born recipe, it is derived off of the Buffalo wing, and therefore‚ loved by all Buffalonians. I made the dish even more festive by making homemade tortilla chips in the shape of a buffalo.

Pastry Hearts ‚ Stop in to any bakery in the city and you‚ll find rows and rows of flaky, buttery pastry hearts. Essentially‚ pastry hearts are puff pastry dough, tossed in cinnamon sugar and folded and cut into hearts. After they bake, they are topped with a simple powdered sugar glaze. While they are abundant in Buffalo, you‚ll be hard pressed to find pastry hearts outside of the city.

Sponge Candy‚ ‚ Buffalo‚s legendary candy! Sponge candy has a crispy,‚ honeycomb‚ center that melts in your mouth, which is drenched in smooth milk chocolate. The most popular‚ place to get sponge candy is Watson‚s, although it‚ is a lot of fun to make your own. Sponge candy is also hard to find outside of the western New York area, which explains why many of my friends take bags and bags of sponge candy with them when visiting‚ out-of-state relatives.

Weber‚s Mustard-Weber‚s also sells over 80 varieties of pickles, onions, relish, and a number of other condiments.Now spread throughout the USA, Weber‚s Mustard continues to be a locally owned and operated family business that promises, ‚everything‚s better with Weber‚s.‚

hot dogs

The Black Sheep. -When Bistro Europa closed in March 2014, the foodie community of Western New York held their breath while they waited for The Gedra‚s to get back in the kitchen. Everyone knows that Steve and Ellen Gedra are some of the most talented chefs in Buffalo. They almost exclusively use quality, local ingredients and their dishes truly reflect their creative imaginations. Their desserts and bread baskets are also top notch as Ellen is one of the best Pastry Chefs in Western New York. Additions of a craft cocktail program, a carefully curated beer list and a deeper wine menu have made this West Side restaurant a true culinary destination. (, 716-884-1100)

Smoked T-Meadow Pork Chop (The Black Sheep)

Lloyd Taco Truck. -Buffalo‚s food truck scene wouldn‚t be what it is now without Pete Cimino and Chef Chris Dorsaneo from Lloyd Taco Truck. It‚s not just that they were the first food truck to hit the streets of Buffalo, but they also set the tone for how good food can be coming from a tiny restaurant on wheels. They also single-handedly changed how Western New York thinks about tacos. Recently, they completely overhauled their food sourcing to only meat that doesn‚t contain antibiotics or hormones and they work with local farms as often as possible. They‚ve been open for over four years, their lines are still the longest in Western New York and they‚ve expanded to three trucks, so yeah‚ they are doing something right. (, 716-863-9781)

Loaded Nachos