New York Do’s

  • wear good walking shoes. No matter where you‚re headed there will be walking involved, possibly running.
  • eat pizza. Eat lots and lots and lots of pizza and don‚t let anyone tell you you‚ve eaten too much.
  • Make a plan
  • Go to Times Square, the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, or Central Park.
  • Take a million pictures. Take scenic pics, selfies, group photos, do it all.

New York Don’ts

  • DON‚T be afraid to ask for directions.
  • DON‚T eat at chain restaurants.
  • DON‚T be afraid to ditch your plan. Maybe you planned to get lunch on the upper east side but you stumbled upon the SandWitch cart in Bryant Park.
  • DON‚T expect to do it all.