Puerto Rico Do’s

  • Explore Old San Juan & el Morro Fort
  • Go to el Yunque rain forest & swim in the waterfalls
  • See the Arecibo Telescope & Camuy Caves
  • Kayak in a bioluminescent bay
  • Go out & enjoy the nightlife
  • Eat the local cuisine ( comida criolla)
  • Relax on the beach (lay on a hammock, drink from a coconut)
  • Check out what Ponce & the south coast has to offer
  • Do something cultural(go to a festival or a cockfight)
  • Drive through the mountains just to see the view
  • Listen to the coqui frogs sing at night
  • Rent a car & drive around yourself( much cheaper & more convenient)

Puerto Rico Don’ts

  • Don’t go to any bad neighbourhoods or caserios
  • Don’t do anything dumb ( use common sense)
  • Don’t stay in one place (there is too much to see)
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen or bug spray
  • Don’t leave your camera equipment unattended or in an UN_locked car