San Juan Do’s

  • Rent a car .. no taxi’s on the inner island.
  • Travel to the inner island. Get out of the cities and you will end up spending much less money
  • Do visit the beaches, they are usually safe but make sure that there are other people there as well.
  • Do trust your instict. If you see someone that doesn’t look right, he/she probably isn’t beware.
  • Do go to a spa.
  • Do stay at Rincon of the seas.

San Juan Don’ts

  • Don’t stay in San Juan. Many travellers make this mistake and they end up paying a fortune for a trip without getting to see the most beautiful parts of the island.
  • Don’t travel alone at night. Just like any other place, we have our spots that it isn’t recommended to stay alone at night.
  • Don’t travel to La Perla. If you intend to shoot some photos in San Juan then I imagine that you are going to end up at El Morro and San Cristobal. If this happens, La Perla is near there. It is a VERY bad area… DON’T GO.
  • Dont leave the car or hotel room open.
  • Dont trust anyone with your equipment.