Victoria, Seychelles Don‚ts

  • Don‚t carry around large sums of money on your person or in your bag. Items of value such as jewelery and your passport should be kept in your hotel safe. Similarly, do not take these to the beach or leave them in your hired vehicle. If you must walk around with your camera, do not leave it unattended.
  • Don‚t change all your hard currency all at once. Calculate your spending for the day and change only what you will need for a specific period of time. Don‚t change your money with unauthorized traders but rather through banks and Bureau de Change offices.
  • Don‚t stay at unlicensed establishments, unless you are staying with families or friends. Unlicensed establishments may not offer you the high standard of service you are expecting when you come on holiday.
  • Don‚t go out alone at night. If you really need to then inform someone at the hotel about the exact whereabouts you will be going to. If possible bring along a mobile phone and buy a prepaid telephone card at any shop in Seychelles. If you have an emergency, you can call 999.
  • Don‚t stay out in the sun too long. Seychelles being a tropical destination, it is very easy to get sunburn, especially when it seems that the weather is overcast with a possibility of rainfall. This is the time that the chances of getting sun burnt is at it‚s highest.
  • Don‚t litter. If there are no litterbins readily available, please take your litter back to your hotel and dispose of it accordingly.
  • Don‚t collect seashells along the beaches. Collecting seashells is prohibited in Nature reserves and marine parks. Any flora taken as souvenirs must have a certificate and official export permit. You may be asked to produce these when checking in at the Seychelles International Export.
  • Don‚t eat any fruits and vegetables without washing them first. Don‚t drink unboiled water as this may bring about diarrhea

Victoria, Seychelles Do‚s

  • Do bring your camera, there is no better way to take your memories home with you.
  • Do wear sunblock whenever you go out, for a hike or to the beach. A hat and sunglasses are also recommended
  • Do chat up the locals, they are more than happy to talk about their beautiful islands.
  • Do wear sandals and diving shoes when going hiking or walking on the coral reef, thorns are common in the bush as are sharp corals and shells in the sea, as the saying goes prevention is better then cure.
  • Do wear a bikini when going to the beach, nudity is strictly forbidden however going swimming or tanning topless, on beaches like Beau Vallon, can be overlooked, though the locals are not too comfortable with this, especially if there are children present.
  • Do go island hopping, even the shortest holiday on Mahe deserves a days trip to Praslin, or vice versa. For those who are more daring, a helicopter ride over Mahe and the nearby islands, will bring you as close as you can get to heavens front gate.
  • Do drive on the left if you take a car rental. Ensure you have a valid international or EU licence.