Conch Salad
Prepared fresh with chopped tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and lime and lemon juice, conch salad is an island favorite. This salad is great to enjoy as a light (but still filling) lunch before heading to the beach for the afternoon.

Conch Salad, Nassau Paradise Island, Dining

Conch Fritters
The best appetizer around town! These bite-sized balls are made with fresh conch that is mixed with finely diced peppers and onions, battered with flour, and then deep-fried. Conch fritters usually come with a side of hot sauce.

Conch Fritters Nassau Paradise Island

Cracked Conch
Cracked conch is deep-fried conch served with fries (and sometimes rice), and a spicy dipping sauce. Although it looks a bit like deep-fried calamari, cracked conch has a lot more flavor‚and is the perfect afternoon snack to go with a local Sands beer.

Cracked conch, Nassau Paradise Island

Cracked Conch Sandwich
Great for lunch or dinner! A cracked conch sandwich is made from deep-fried conch, layered with lettuce, onions, and spicy mayo. Pair an ice-cold Kalik (local Bahamain beer) with your sandwich, and that‚s a meal made in paradise.

Conch Sandwich

Rock Lobsters

Otherwise known as spiny lobsters, these delicious crustaceans are a major export of the Caribbean. Enjoy them steamed or boiled, in salads, as patties, or in Creole-style sauces.

Creamy Grits with Bahamian Rock Lobster


Similar to southern American cornbread, johnnycakes are the unofficial bread of the Bahamas. A pan-cooked concoction, johnnycakes are made of milk, butter, flour, and sugar, and are often eaten with stews and curries.

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Pigeon Peas and Rice

Served as a side to common Bahamian fare, pigeon peas and rice is a classic dish most commonly made from pork, pigeon peas (a staple bean of the Caribbean and Latin America), celery, rice, tomatoes, and thyme.


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The Yellow Bird

Adopted from Jamaica, rum is the national alcoholic beverage of the Bahamas. The Yellow Bird, a local favorite, is a concoction of orange juice, pineapple juice, rum, Galliano, apricot brandy, and banana liqueur (sometimes excluded).

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Guava Duff

Take guava, fold it into pastry dough, boil it, and you have guava duff. Often served with a rum custard sauce, this local dessert is otherworldly good.

Guava Duff...

Baked Crab

A wildly popular dish among locals, crab is combined with bread crumbs, seasoning, and egg, and is then baked in the crab‚s original shell.

Bahamian Baked Stuffed Crabs