The Stockholm metro system

If you ever plan to take a trip to Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, take note of the subways: they’re works of art in and of themselves.

Stockholm metro is a metro in Stockholm City, Sweden. The first track was opened in 1950, and today the subway system has about 100 stations and more will be added within a couple of years.

The metro stations are hewn into the bedrock in a way that makes them feel organic. At the same time, the layers of paint and murals add man-made, artistic touches. It’s a fantastic juxtaposition between rugged and ultra-refined.

This metro station at Esplanade shows how rough and cave-like some of the stations in Stockholm can appear. But you can see the man-made elements at many metro stations. The Rdhuset (The Court House) station features concrete columns that fit with the aesthetic of the courthouse above the station.

Image result for The stockholm metro system looks like a cave

The Rdhuset (The Court House) is a rapid transit station in Kungsholmen in central Stockholm, part of the Stockholm metro station. The metro station is located on the blue line between T-Centralen and Fridhemsplan and was opened on 31 August 1975.

Like some other stations on the Stockholm metro, it uses organic architecture, which leaves the bedrock exposed and unsculptured, appearing to be based on natural cave systems.

The underground station is named after The Rdhuset (The Court House) right above the surface. Here you will also find City Hall and the Police Headquarters.

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