Tim Raue

The ambience of the restaurant TIM RAUE is emphasized simply by the urban atmosphere of the city of Berlin.

Through the harmonious combination of the past and the present, the interior also reflects the career of the Tim Raue, which has grown up in Kreuzberg: a floor made of cast asphalt, classic gallery lighting and the furniture that looks like exhibits retain the character of the former Galerie Crone The raw character of Berlin Kreuzberg.

High-quality and simple furniture made of American walnut, noble Kvadrat fabrics, modern design classics such as the “Eames Chair” and porcelain from F¼rstenberg, newly interpreted by Vitra, stand for the upscale gastronomy and modern times.

The use of animal products is one of the cornerstones of our kitchen philosophy. They are found in almost all dishes and provide a unique variety of aromas. Vegetarian alternatives are of course available. However, it is not possible for us to provide guests with an equivalent taste experience in vegan form.