El 8 de Blanco

The 8 de Blanco‚ opened its doors to the public in 1987 at Avenida Universidad 102 in R­o Piedras just steps from the University of Puerto Rico.‚ From the outset, its owner, Rafael Blanco, had the interest in creating an entertainment center for the youth of that university city.

During its first years and the decade of the 90,‚ El 8 de Blanco‚ counted on a level only in which they were 9 billiard tables, an electronic game center, a wide bar and vellonera.‚ It is a place for the best entertainment, the best local festivities, weekly presentation space for local talent of different disciplines, but more than anything a meeting space between students, professors, professionals and general public of the university community.

Today, the first floor still has its pool tables and some entertainment machines.‚ With everything and over the years, this first floor continues to be the place of the ‘party’ with presentations of DJ’s,