Club der Visionaere

Club der Visionaere is a rustic and understated spot between Kreuzberg and Treptower Park. It sits on a canal in a small brick building, with offices upstairs and a dance floor downstairs. In a way it’s more of a bar or afterhours venue than a nightclub: entry is usually five euro or less (sometimes free), the dance floor holds fewer than 50 people, and the sound system, though clear, is very quiet. Most attendees spend their time standing on the wooden deck outside, or sitting beneath the weeping willow that hangs over part of the club. Most of the venue is down by the canal, but there’s also a second space up at street level where a pizzeria is open most nights in the summer.

Club der Visionaere has a laidback booking policy: the lineup is often decided a week or two in advance, and unplanned DJ sets are common. Opening hours depend on the weather and level of attendance, but on big weekends it can run from Friday through Monday without a break.