The second smallest continent in the world, Europe covers 2% of the Earths surface and 6.7% of the Earths land. With 47 countries and a population of 742.5 million (2013 census), it is the third most populated continent in the world. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, Arctic Ocean on the north, Ural mountains in the east, and the Mediterranean Sea to the South, a visit to the European continent is visually magnificent and historically significant.


  • Europe has the highest GDP (income per person)
  • It was named after the Phoenician princess Europa
  • Europeans eat 50% of all the world’s chocolate
  • The first humans arrived here around 38,000 B.C
  • Blonde hair in humans developed in Northern Europe
  • Counting European countries is difficult
  • Europe is actually made up of several cultures

Places in Europe

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