Shanghai Do’s

  • Do use local taxis. Approx 30min journey from Jingahn to Yu Gardens, 27Yuan (less than ‚£3).
  • Public transit, called Metro, is totally bilingual, cheaper and faster during most of the traffic gridlock of the daytime.
  • Visit Yu Gardens. Not as good as expected from publicity but worth seeing.
  • YuYuan Gardens are best viewed when it opens at 8:30 a.m. ‚ That is when crowds do not overrun the garden designed for study and meditation.
  • Walk along the Bund, and enjoy stunning views of the towers across the river, especially at night.
  • Views from the Pudong Riverfront Promenade (on the Pudong side) are better, expecially the views of the Bund at night.
  • The ferry across the river is very cheap, and a night time crossing gives fabulous illuminated vistas.
  • Go up the Pearl Tower. Gob-smacking views from the top. Especially on the glass-floored platform.
  • Views from World Financial Center are better and higher.
  • Revolving restaurant serves a‚  buffet meal but times get booked up very quickly.
  • Eat ‚on the hoof‚ (literally ‚ chicken‚™s feet). Lots of stalls by 9 ZigZag Bridge and you can see them cooking local ‚delicacies‚ – tasty and really inexpensive.

Shanghai Don’ts

  • Don‚™t fall for the ‚Tea Festival‚™ scam. You may be approached by people asking you to take their photo for them.
  • Don‚™t be afraid to ask taxi prices before using them, especially in the late evening.
  • Haggle for a deal. Don’t be shy. The guy on the other end of the negotiating table is 100 percent expecting you to bargain with him.
  • Don‚™t be afraid to try new food. You may learn to love something you have never tried.
  • Don‚™t be afraid to ask for help. Chinese people are more than happy to help you.