Mas Huni

Mas Huni is a very typical and widespread Maldivian breakfast dish. It contains tuna, onion, coconut and chilli. The ingrdients are blended into a homogenous mixture, seasoned and served with freshly baked Chapati.

Baraboa Mas Huni

If you do not like tuna or don’t eat fish for other reasons there is a vegan option of Mas Huni which is prepared with Pumpkin: Baraboa Mas Huni


Gulha are bitesized deep fried dough balls filled with Mas Huni.

Mas Roshi

Mas Roshi are prepared similar to Mas Huni though the filled dough balls are flattened and pan fried.


Roshi are a famous Maldivian flatbread which can be eaten with any Mas Huni or Curry.

Vegetable Curry

Though fish and chicken curries are most typical for the Maldives, vegetarian dishes are no stranger to the islanders dinner plates.

Fish Curry

The main source of protein in the Maldives is fish. Almost every meal contains the widely loved tuna. So it is no wonder that a curry exists with fish meat as main ingredient.

Chicken Curry

Even though the ingredients are pretty similar to the fish curry, the chicken curry offers a quite distinctive taste.