Chatini requin: Mashed boiled shark with fried onion and lime juice.
Soupe de tectec: Clams cooked in tomatoes, garlic and ginger.
Chatini Seychellois: Chutney comprising crushed chillies, ginger and garlic, which is often served with fried fish.
Papaya salad: Shredded green papayas, onion, chilli and seasoning.
Rousettes: Fruit bat, prepared in a number of ways.
Pulao: Rice cooked with fish, meat or vegetables.
Ladob: Served savoury or sweet, this dessert is made of sweet potato and plantain cooked in coconut milk with nutmeg, sugar and vanilla.
Kat-kat banana: Banana cooked in coconut milk.
Carotte banana: Bananas wrapped in banana leaves with honey and vanilla.
Seybrew: Bavarian-style lager.
Ekyu: Local beer.
Calou: Alcoholic drink made from coconut sap and used in many Seychellois dishes.
Coco D‚Amour: Tropical liqueur made with coconut extract.
Bacca: Alcohol made from sugarcane liquor and mainly used on ceremonial occasions.