Lapland makes up about one-third of Finland's total area, and it's a region, not a country. It covers northern Sweden, Finland, Norway and part of Russia's Kola Peninsula. To put its size into perspective, Lapland is as big as Belgium, Holland and Switzerland all put together.


  • Lapland might not technically be the North Pole, but it’s still Santa Claus’ official headquarters. There are a few Father Christmases found around Rovaniemi and beyond, so it’s up to you to decide which one is the real deal.
  • The national costume of Lapland is called gakti, which is primarily bright blue and red and worn with reindeer-skin boots, colourful shawls and hats. The costumes can be used to symbolise everything from where you’re from to what family you’re from or whether or not you’re married.
  • Lapland’s top cheese is known as Finnish Squeaky Cheese, likened to halloumi. It’s typically made from cow’s milk – but can also come from goats or reindeer – then baked into a pie shape and cut in wedges. It’s best served with cloudberry jam.
  • Finnish Lapland is about as big as Belgium, Switzerland and Holland put together.


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