Indonesia Do’s

  • Shake hand with both hands but without the grasp, and then bring your hands back to the chest. Some Muslim ladies may acknowledge introductions to gentlemen by merely nodding and smiling.
  • Always take off your shoes when you visit a home or the mosques.
  • Use your right hand when giving or receiving objects.
  • Use the thumb of your right hand with ‚ four fingers folded under to point at places, objects or persons.
  • Try to practice your Bahasa with Indonesians.
Indonesia Don’ts
  • Do not touch a person’s head as it is considered an offensive gesture.
  • Do not offer alcoholic beverages to Indonesian Muslims.
  • Do not use your left hand in handshaking, handing over or receiving something.
  • Do not eat or drink in public during the month of Ramadan.
  • Do not kiss or hug a person of the opposite sex in public.
  • Do not offer gifts made out of pork to Indonesian Muslims.