1. Tom Yam Goong

Tom Yang Goong is basically known as the mixture of spicy prawn and sour soup which is one of the most favorite dishes of the Thai. Tom Yang Goong Mae Nam is the original version of all variations of Tom Yang which includes Tom Yam Talay (Seafood), Tom Yam Gai (Chicken), Tom Yam Kradook Moo (Pork ribs). The most important part of all Tom Yam is its soup made from coconut milk, red chili, mushroom, herbs and other spices.

If you don’t like spicy, look away! Tom Yam soup is hot, spicy and delightful at the same time. Tom Yum Goong goes great with rice or noodles.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

2. Mee Hokkien noodle

This simple dish of stir-fried noodle with prawn keeps noodle fans coming back over and over agan. The thick yellow fried noodles, prawns, pork, squids, egg and bean sprouts are all in a perfect combination that makes everything taste extra good. Noodle is served with sambal chili and a squeeze of lime juice.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

3. Massaman Curry

It seems that Thai food is a hard treat for spicy haters. With Massaman curry, you shound’t worry about it anymore.

This curry is beloved by many people who are crazy in love with curry of all kinds. Its flavor is suprisingly good with the sweetness of coconut milk, a little sourness of lime juice, the flavorful aroma of lime leaves and basil, the thickness of peanuts and tomatoes. They are go perfectly together and make a toothsome dish in one bowl. Massaman curry has several versions depending on what the main ingredient is. It can be pork, beef or fish. As usual, a curry appears at its best with steamed rice or noodles.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

4. Dim Sum

When it comes to Dim Sum, you will be totally shocked with a huge collection of this Chinese fusion food in Phuket. As there are several kinds of dim sum ready to be ordered, it’s smart to plot out which is highly recommended by the local. The best kind of dim sum is the one which is folded at least seven times with a glowing fluffy outlook. The fillings are diverse ranging from shrimp, pork, prawn or green beans. Dim sum is amazingly super smooth and super rich in flavor.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

5. Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai (Green Curry Chicken)

Next up is GaengKeaw Wan Gai, another unique Thai curry that attracts foodies worldwide for its distinctive feature. The curry is made with chicken, cooked with two types of eggplants cut in quarters. Eggplants are used to lower the choleterol level. Even you don’t try this dish, oberving the smiling faces of those who indulged, the food must be delicious.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

6. Kanom Jeen Phuket

Kanom Jeen is another well-liked soup using chicken, mushrooms, galangal, tomatoes and lemongrass cooked in coconut milk. Normally, the dish is added with some chili but it’s not that spicy, it’s sure flavorful. To make a mind blowing bowl of Kanom Jeen, you need to pick up some of the best ingredients of beef, chicken, fish, crab and vegetables.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

7. Khao Man Gai

Khao Man Gai is definitely a soul satisfying chicken rice for all diners. It issues a new taste among hundreads of usual chicken rice in Southeast Asia. Khao Man Gai hosts the most delightfully flavorful and pleasingly textural items as boiled chicken, steamed jasmine rice, chicken broth and a unique sauce of ginger, garlic, chili and soyal sauce. Khao Mai Gai is truly tapped into the local and global culinary scene.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

8. Por Pia

Sping roll, spring roll and spring roll!

It’s always a sneak peak of what to order for every trip to Phuket. If you are grabbing a belly satisfying food in Phuket, Por pia – a Thai spring roll is more than a good option.

In Phuket, spring roll is eaten both in sit-down restaurants and also on the street. The food is simply made by wrapping fillings of meat, prawns, vegetables, rice noodles and crunchy pastry into a roll. Then, the fresh spring roll will be deep fried. At the end, you are served with a crunchy, greasy and packed full of tastiness of spring roll.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

9. Satay

It’s such a huge mistake if you miss out satay culture in Thailand, especially in Phuket. There is a large selection of satay from chicken, pork to beef satay. The satay is normally eaten with peanut sauce. What people like about the dish most is its peanut sauce. The sauce is a perfect combination of fish sauce, ginger, green onions, cilantro leaves, jalapenos, pepper, peanut butter, sesame oil, lemon juice, and coconut milk. For all foodies, satay is absolutely a greasy favorite treat along the way.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave

10. Roti Pancake

Roti pancake is a very unique Thai style of sweet pancakes. A Thai roti pancake has two parts – dough and filling. The dough is a mix of flour, egg, condensed milk, sugar and salt. The filling can be any of the fruits that you want to eat. At some places, these pancakes are served with thick coconut milk or ice cream on top. Make your way to any street hawkers with signs selling Roti pancake for this treat.

10 Famous Phuket Food To Eat Before You Leave