Milk and honey, price on request, at Qbara

Those lucky enough to score a reservation at the contemporary Lebanese restaurant can bookend their meal with the signature Milk & Honey dessert. On paper it’s a simplistic arrangement – Greek yoghurt and sumac panna cotta with a side of honey and saffron pashmak ‚ but once plated, it becomes a towering treat, the panna cotta both tart and creamy, with a headdress of dense Turkish pashmak adorning the dessert glass.

10 best plates

Rice cheong fun, Dhs28 at Homey

Away from the flash of the neighbouring Marina, this teeny Szechwan eatery still manages to draw crowds for its authentic Chinese menu. One of the major reasons this inconspicuous joint has persevered against the Americanised Chinese food that dots Dubai’s hotspots? The cheong fun, tightly wrapped rolls made with rice flour and coloured a bright red. This addictive appetiser makes for a crisp bite, with the plump and flavourful prawns tucked inside.

10 best plates

Ryoog yerana, Dhs37, Klayya

For a sweet and savoury start to your morning, opt for this unique Emirati breakfast speciality. A fluffy omelette is folded over a shallow dish of chopped local dates, and served with bread to spread the resulting gooey combination on. Sweet, salty and more-ish. Best washed down with a mug of haleed kastar (Dhs7), a rich and eggy custard dessert drink dotted with red seeds.

10 best plates

Koshari, Dhs12, Al Ammor

Comfort food at its most rib-sticking, justice is done to Egyptian favourite at Al Ammor. The vegetarian version of the baked noodle, chickpea and lentil dish comes with a tray of condiments to customise to your liking ‚ a dab of chilli, a drizzle of nostril-twitching vinegar and a handful of deep-fried crispy onions hits the spot. For carb-overload, scoop spoonfuls into freshly stretched and baked cheese-layered fatayer bread and eat!

10 best plates

Shaksouka, Dhs59, Omnia Gourmet

Sure, there’s a lot to like about celebrity chef Silvena Rowe’s latest project, like the prime ocean-front location, and the cake counter stacked with rows of raw and vegan desserts, but it’s Rowe‚s egg shaksouka that keeps the foodie crowd coming back. Sweet tomatoes and peppers, perfectly poached eggs, with a kick of chilli and creamy feta mingle in a terracotta pot for a dish that’s just begging to be tackled with slices of oven-warm sourdough.

10 best plates

Carrot cake, Dhs30, Lime Tree Caf

The battle for the best carrot cake in Dubai may rage on, but for us, the winner is clear. The perfect accompaniment to the best (and one of the only) flat whites in town, Lime Tree’s hefty wedges of homestyle, double-layered carrot cake are big enough to share (not that you’d want to) and loaded with carrot shaving and walnuts, and bowing beneath a solid slathering of cream cheese frosting.


Smoked peppered mackerel spread, Dhs40, Fume

Pot-set in a kitschy hinged jar that was last spotted in your grandma’s kitchen, this smooth spread is the perfect precursor to the inevitable onslaught of Britannia-meets-Spain tapas. Equal parts smoky, sea-salty and fishy ‚ in a good way. Apply generously to a side of sour dough bread with smoked butter and a sprinkling of lava salt.

10 best plates