Barbados Don’ts

  • Don‚t you ever think to relax under the coconut palm trees
  • Don‚t wear soldier designed clothes
  • Don‚t swim on the east coast
  • Do not get near the monkeys
  • Don‚t underestimate the rum-punch
  • Don‚t‚ sunbathe topless
  • Don‚t‚ sunbathe topless
  • Do not upset the turtles that are nesting
  • Don‚t light fire on the beaches

Barbados Do’s

  • Eat Flying Fish
  • Take a Catamaran Cruise
  • Do Patronize the Street Vendors in St. Lawrence Gap
  • Do a walking tour of Bridgetown
  • Visit the Garrison Savannah
  • Find flora and fauna
  • See the giant Baobab Tree
  • Drink in the Bajan spirit
  • Visit the home of sporting heritage