Also known as: goulash ‚ the national dish of Hungary is‚simply awesome.‚ Goulash is traditionally Hungarian made from a‚ meat‚ stew‚ with‚ noodles‚ and vegetables, seasoned with‚ paprika‚ and other sorts of delish spices for hearty flavors.

Hungarian goulash Budapest

Jókai bean soup

Named after the 19th-century writer Mor‚ Jókai, the Jókai‚ bean soup is all about vinegar and lots of sour cream, beans, smoked pork, parsley root and carrots.

Jókai bean soup Hungary food


Hungarian version of‚ vegetable soup comes with green and red peppers, tomatos, onions, lard, salt, sugar and paprika. It‚s thick, stewy and a vegetarian‚s dream. Lecsó Hungary food

Paprikás Csirke

Chicken paprikash is another one of Hungary‚s famous soups, it‚s creamy with red spiced paprika and comes with a stewed chicken leg with the texture quite tender and soft.

zsuzsaisinthekitchen.blogspot Paprika Czierka Hungary food


Aka: Fisherman‚s soup that‚ is a hot, spicy‚ paprika-based river‚ fish‚ soup. If you love seafood, this is to-die-for. It‚s particularly prepared in the Danube regions, and frequently on restaurant menus.

csicseriborsobablencse.blogspot Fisherman's Soup Hungary Food

ájházy chicken broth

A local favorite!‚ ájházy chicken broth contains a whole chicken, mixed with carrots, mushrooms, garlic, tomato, green pepper, cauliflower and peas. It a traditional dish that‚s often eaten a Hungarian weddings. ájházy chicken broth Hungary food


Can‚t say no to fried dough! Langos is flat bread made with flour, yeast, water and salt. You‚ll frequently see it topped with mashed potatoes, sour cream yogurt, grated cheese, ham or sausages. Definitely a staple at the Central Market Hall.

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Hungary sausages come from different regions of the country and each have their own special recipes and tastes. Kolbász may be boiled, dried or smoked, they can be eaten as cold cuts or accompanied in main dishes like stews and salads. These sausages typically contain bacon, ground pork, beef, lamb, paprika (surprise!) garlic, pepper, nutmeg and a huge variety of local spices.

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Rakott Krumpli

Every country has their own gratin, including Hungary. Rakott Krumpli is basically layered potatoes, baked. Makes the best comfort food! Rakott Krumpli Hungary food


Pörkölt is completely‚ different from‚ goulash, but just as delish. It‚s boneless meat, stewed with paprika, vegetables but without potatoes. The meat can vary from beef, lamb, chicken and pork. The taste of the stew is quite game as livers sometimes can be added in.

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Töltött Káposzta

Stuffed cabbage rolls might just be my personal favorite. Töltött Káposzta are made from picked cabbage leaves, filled with minced pork meat, paprika with a dab of sour cream on top. This dish is typically eaten during wintertime but I still love it on any hot summer day. Töltött Káposzta Hungary food

Töltött Paprika

After trying Töltött Káposzta, you‚ll need to try another type of ‚stuff‚ ‚ stuffed paprika, that is. Töltött Paprika is mixed with rice, diced red onions, salt, herbs, garlic, ground black pepper, ground paprika, parsley or rosemary. At times, they may also contain mushrooms or meat and cabbage.

Stuffed paprikas and meatballs will put a big smile on your face


Foie gras in Hungary is widely available and inexpensive. Libamáj is fried goose liver which may be game but a definite must-try. Libamáj Hungary food

Rántott Sajt

Deep‚fried‚cheese. YUM! Rántott Sajt are flat cheese‚ croquette, cheese rolled in breadcrumbs and, deep fried. Very addictive. Hungary food fried cheese sticks

Tºrós Csusza

Tºrós Csusza are curd or cottage cheese noodles. The traditional kind are normally homemade with flour, eggs mixed into a dough and torn by hand so they look uneven then boiled in water. Why you‚ll love it? It‚s savory and totally comforting.

izharmonikus.blogspot Tºrós Csusza Hungary food


Hungarian‚ nokedli‚ dumplings are sort of like spaetzles and made with noodle graters then scraping the dough into boiling water with a spoon or a knife. It‚s amazing with butter but they can be served with goulash or chicken paprikash. Nokedli Hungary food


Tºrógombóc are curd or cottage cheese dumplings in the shape of balls, boiled in water then covered with buttery bread crumbs and served with warm, sweetened sour-cream sauce. It‚s one of the sweetest dishes you‚ll taste on this list. Tºrógombóc Hungary food

Dobos torta

A Hungarian sponge cake covered in chocolate cream and caramel. It‚s a five-layer pastry which‚ you may have tasted in other restaurants around the world as it is internationally popular. But it‚s also another staple in Hungary, so make sure to taste the real deal in Budapest. Dobos torta Hungary food


Aka: Mont Blanc of Hungary. Gesztenyep¼r is a chestnut‚ pure, sweetened served with whipped cream. It‚s sometimes mixed in with chocolate or cocoa powder and rum.

zsuzsaisinthekitchen.blogspot Gesztenyep¼r Hungary food

Rákóczi Tºrós

Rákóczi tºrós is a shortcrust pastry, topped with sweet cottage cheese and finished with a layer of meringue and apricot jam. It‚s citrusy and sweet. Rákóczi Tºrós Hungary food


K¼rt…‘skalács is a chimney cake made from sweet yeast then spun and wrapped around a truncated cone-shaped baking material. Melted butter, granulated sugar, caramel, crispy, shiny, cinnomony and walnuty are all the reasons why you shouldn‚t say no to this yummy dessert. K¼rt…‘skalács Hungary food


The easiest way to explain this is that it‚s a Hungarian strudel. If you‚re a fan of German‚ Apfelstrudel, then you might love rtes just as much. Rtes Hungary food


If‚ rtes‚ are Hungarian strudels, then kiflis are Hungarian croissants. You can either eat them plain or have them with jam and butter.

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