Dominica Do’s

  • Take photos. Dominica is a beautiful and photogenic island.
  • Bring‚ water shoes. With more than 365 rivers to explore, be prepared to get a little wet!
  • Get fit. With 300 miles of trails, there‚s plenty to discover if‚ you‚re up for the hiking‚ challenge.
  • Bring your sense of adventure.‚ Dominica is a diver‚s dream and hiker‚s haven.
  • Ask questions.‚ Your tour guide is there to help you get the most out of your experience.
  • Leave footprints.‚ Explore the wonders of‚ Dominica and make your mark.

Dominica Don’ts

  • Be discouraged.‚ There‚s something for every fitness level on land and sea.
  • Litter.‚ Nesting‚ sea turtles rely on our clean beach for survival. Instead, you‚ can participate in our beach clean-ups and recycling program.
  • Remove anything from the jungle.‚ We‚re committed to preserving the island‚s‚ natural beauty and sharing it with others.
  • Stray away from trails.‚ Dominica is mountainous, so it‚s important to follow the path and stay‚ with your tour guide.
  • Do anything to shorten your vacation.‚ There is so much to explore. Dominica features eight active volcanoes, an abundance of wildlife and more than 1,200 plant species!
  • Be unkind.‚ Try challenging me‚ to a ‚happy contest.‚ If you win, you‚ll get a‚ fun surprise. Good luck!