Florida Do’s

  • Do get to the park at opening or just before.
  • Do head to the most popular rides first
  • Do have a look at the map of the park before you go so you know where you are headed and don’t waste precious time standing looking at a map. Trust me, the queue at the popular rides can go from 10 mins to 1 hour in a matter of minutes!
  • Do read up on the Disney Fast pass system and use it during busy times
  • Do drink plenty of water
  • Do the indoor/sit down attractions when the day gets really hot.
  • Do take shelter in air conditioned shops if you are struggling in the heat
  • Do be prepared for some rain in the afternoon
  • Do take a break from the parks for a few hours in the afternoon, head back to your hotel, have a swim and a rest etc and head back to the park in the evening. You only pay parking once and it only counts as one entrance.

Florida Don’ts

  • Don’t get sunburned!
  • Don’t spend 15 hours in the parks on your first day and leave yourself wrecked for the rest of the trip
  • Don’t try and see it all in one trip, you WILL want to go back!