Honduras Do’s

  • Do make international calls and faxes from the local office of Hondutel (the national phone company) rather than from your hotel, which will add a sizable surcharge. There are phones that accept phone cards all over the country. These cards are inexpensive and can be used for domestic or international calls.
  • Do pick up a copy of Honduras Tips. It’s full of useful information and is available at virtually all major hotels, restaurants and stores.
  • Do take along small bills for spending money. Most shops, except those in large commercial districts, can’t exchange large bills of any currency. To protect against pickpockets, travelers may want to divide up their cash into small quantities to put in different places.
  • Bring your passport and a copy. Make 2 copies of your passport. Leave one at home.

Honduras Don’ts

  • Don’t buy coral products or seashells – it contributes to the destruction of the coral reef. And don’t touch any coral when you’re diving or snorkeling. Also, don’t take anything from an archaeological site that may look even remotely like an artifact: It’s punishable by fines and prison sentences.
  • Don’t be alarmed by unexpected loud noises – Hondurans often celebrate events with firecrackers, sometimes in the early morning hours.
  • Don’t drink the water from the tap, but don’t insult your host/hostess! Hondurans are not immune to tainted water, despite what you may have heard. They don’t drink the water, and no one would serve you water or ice that was contaminated knowingly.
  • Don’t be too irritated that Hondurans may seem nosy, asking where you are from, who are your family, etc.‚  That’s a good sign that they like you, and they want to be a friend. Be friendly, but be careful with answers to strangers.