San Miguel de Allende‚ Don’ts

  • Do not wear t-shirts or flip-flops in business. Dress smart for business. A suit and tie for men, and conservative dresses for women.
  • Do not drink water from the tap. The drinking water in Mexico is not drinkable. Buy bottled purified water to drink.
  • Do not drive without liability insurance. The law requires you to have minimum liability insurance for driving in Mexico.
  • Do not wear shorts if you wish to blend in. Aside from beaches and northern areas, shorts are seldom worn by Mexicans.
  • Do not wear expensive, extravagant clothing, jewelry and take large sums of money.

San Miguel de Allende‚ Do’s

  • Do learn a few Spanish phrases before you go. Do say ‚salud!‚ when someone sneezes. To not do so is considered rude.
  • Do lock your passport, cash, and credit cards in a hotel safe. Do practice general safety precautions from being targeted by thieves and pickpockets.
  • Do shake hands upon meeting someone. Hugs are often shared among friends, as well as a light kiss on the cheek for women.
  • Do take off sunglasses and hats if entering a church.
  • Do be fashionably late! Thirty minutes late is appropriate. Arriving early or even on time is considered rude.