1. BBQ

It doesn’t matter if you get Eastern or Lexington style, a BBQ sandwich or even plate with hushpuppies and slaw is a dish you MUST try.

2. Fried green tomatoes topped with pimento cheese.

When two very southern foods come together…you know the results will be amazing.

3. Bojangles

Everything is southern, fried, and delicious at Bojangles ( but a cajun filet biscuit always wins in my opinion). Bojangles is a southern treat and a North Carolina tradition.

4. Deviled eggs.

This southern side dish is a great twist on your traditional ‘egg.’ Yeah, we get creative down here in North Carolina…and deviled eggs is something you must try.

5. Fresh seafood from the coast.

Nothing can beat fresh caught seafood, and coastal North Carolina restaurants are the best place to try it.

6. Shrimp n’ grits

Speaking of seafood, shrimp n’ grits is found throughout the south, but the ones in North Carolina are especially delicious.

7. Carolina style anything

You can’t go wrong with chili, slaw and onions topping your favorite piece of meat (usually hot dogs or burger).