1. Eggs and Liver Mush

Liver Mush is a beloved North Carolina food. We like to serve it with eggs or eat it as a sandwich. We even have a Liver Mush festival.

2. Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Combine two North Carolina classics for pure, sweet magic!

3. BBQ, Slaw, and Hushpuppies

Sure, the whole country tries to make BBQ like NC, but nothing compares to having it here. Most of us prefer to skip the bun and eat it straight off the plate.

4. Fried Green Tomatoes and Pimento Cheese

Super southern plus super southern equals a diabolical combination.

5. Well….pimento cheese and a lot of things

Cornbread, omelets, grits, crackers, sandwiches…here, everything can use a scoop of pimento cheese.

6. Appalachian Kilt Lettuce, pinto beans, cornbread

Kilt, or killed lettuce, is an Appalachian tradition. Hot lettuce, tossed with vinegar, bacons, and sometimes onions (like pictured above ) is best served in the Spring with pinto beans and cornbread.

7. Cheerwine, barbecue sauce, and chicken

Leave it to North Carolinians to combine their favorite, sweet soft drink, with some tangy BBQ sauce, and chicken for a standout dinner. Get the recipe from Communal Skillet here.

8. Pepsi, lance crackers, peanut pie

This recipe is apparently so NC top secret, I couldn’t even find an image for it. But you can get a killer recipe from Our State here

9. Clam juice and clam chowder

Forget New England Style, here we prefer our clam chowder Hatteras Style.

10. Texas Pete and Eggs

In North Carolina, we add the Winston-Salem born Texas Pete to almost anything. Even fries, especially sweet potato fries. Pictured above is a scrumptious breakfast from the Landmark Diner in Charlotte.

11. Hot dog or burger with coleslaw, chili and mustard

You can’t go wrong with a traditional ‘Carolina Style’ burger or hot dog. I like to spruce mine up with cheese.

12. Cheerwine Float

Root beer floats are boring. We prefer ours with Cheerwine, and of course, from Cookout.