Jurong East Do’s

  • Do eat chicken rice.
  • Do have kaya (coconut-egg jam) toast at a local cafe for breakfast or afternoon tea.
  • Do go to 1-Altitude. It is currently the highest open rooftop bar in the world at 64 levels high.
  • Do avoid Little India late in the day on weekends; it will get very crowded. Go on a weekday or earlier in the morning. The shops offer a colourful display of goods.
  • Do visit Gardens by the Bay as well as Satay by the Bay (and eat the food there ofc)
  • Do try the food of the different cultures.
  • Do take public transport (as in the bus and the MRT, not taxi) just to experience daily life in S‚pore.
  • Do look out for tissue paper packets or umbrellas placed on the tables at a hawker centre. S‚poreans have a somewhat peculiar habit of using items such as these to ‚chope‚ or reserve their seats. You wouldn‚t want to get into an argument over this!
  • Do keep to your left on the escalator. The right side is for people to walk by.

Jurong East Don’ts

  • Don‚t go on the Singapore Flyer (that London Eye copycat wheel thing).
  • Don‚t get drunk and punch a cab driver or anyone else; it is the fastest way for a Caucasian male to get his name into the newspapers, and a good caning mandated by the judge while in jail.
  • Don‚t try to bring in guns or drugs into S‚pore.
  • Don‚t be rude to people.
  • Don‚t litter. You never know whether the man in shirt and pants is a plainclothes National Environmental Agency (NEA) officer.
  • Don‚t chew gum. (Yes, it‚s illegal to chew gum)