Road trips in India every bike lover must take

If you love your motorbike, then these are 10 motorcycle trips in India you cannot afford to miss.

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul. This is a popular saying among motorbiking enthusiasts. For bikers, nothing comes close to exploring a destinations on their two-wheeled buddy. India is blessed with some of the finest road routes that are just perfect for bikers. Some of these road routes are known for their picturesque surroundings and breathtaking landscapes while some are popular simply for their level of difficulty and adventure. Either way, if you are a biker or a biking enthusiasts, you will be delighted to be on these road routes. Here are top 10 bike trips in India every biker absolutely must take.



Knwon as one of the most adventurous biking  road routes in the world, the Chandigarh-Malai-Leh road route is as picturesque and breathtaking as it is difficult and thrilling. Right till the village of Pang, the road route is extremely tough making you work hard for every single kilometre. Add to it the Altitude Motion Sickness and what you have is an extremely challenging bike trip. However, the stunning blue skies and the magnificent roads after Pang make it totally worth it. The whole journey will truly give you memories of a lifetime. Once you reach Leh, you can embark on other lovley bike trips like Nubra Valley and Pangong so which have their own charm.



The states of Sikkim and West Bengal in India are relatively unexplored. This is a shame as they are home to some of the most scenic mountains and valleys. The lush green hills and spectacular weather here make the region a delight for nature lovers. For bikers, the Siliguri-Darjeeling-Gangtok road route is extremely picturesque and the perfect way to explore this beautiful part of India. From tea plantations to views of snow-clad mountain peaks, you will find it all on this road route.



The coastal Mumbai-Ratnagiri-Goa road route is the best road trip to Goa. Mumbai is truly blessed to be at such a short distance from India’s biggest party spot. The Ratnagiri road route is extremely scenic and takes you through some winding ghats as well as lush green farmlands dotted with palm groves. You will be reminded of the amazing road trip taken by Aamir, Saif and Akshaye in Dil Chahta Hai!

Manali-Spiti Valley


For those who think Ladakh is too cliched, Spiti is a great option to explore. It is every bit as beautiful as Ladakh and is home to some of the most scenic and thrilling roads. From lakes to valleys and clear skies to gushing rivers, Spiti has everything that will make you feel close to nature. The monasteries ere are mesmerising and make you want to stay forever.



And then there is the hidden gem of India the northeast. Rolling green hills, cloudy skies, gushing waterfalls and breathtaking rivers await you in northeast India. You can start your trip at Shillong and head to the wet land of Cherrapunji which is a backpackers delight. After checking out the famous living root bridges you can head to the lovely green Umgot river at Dawki followed by Asia’s cleanest village Mawlynnong. The road route is as beautiful as each one of these charming little spots.

Rajasthan The Great Indian Thar desert


The great Indian Thar desert is more enchanting than you can imagine. The vast stretches of brown dotted with beautiful sand dunes instantly transports you out of your busy urban routine and makes you feel like you are in a land where time stands still. As you ride through Barmer, Jaisalmer and head to the sand dunes of Khuri, you can feel going away from your mundane life and entering a magical land of rejuvenation, relaxation and self-discovery. You can take a camel safari and camp under the stars in the middle of the desert too.



One of the most well-maintained roads in the country, the road route to Gokarna is very special for bikers. Not only is it an easy cruise, the weather and the surroundings also make it a memorable experience. Gokarna is an ideal spot for relaxation and the nearby Kudle beach is great for those looking for beauty amidst nature. Its lovely golden sand and long stretch will give you the vacation of your dreams.



Remember the Athirapally Falls from the movie Baahubali? They fall on one of India’s most beautiful riding road routes. Known as the best monsoon ride in India, the road route from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu to Chalakudy in Kerala has amazing cloud forests and tropical rain-forests. The huge amount of rainfall here leads to gushing waterfalls and several dams and reservoirs. If you are a wildlife lover, you will love this road route as the Anaimalai tiger reserve or the Vazhachal forest reserve here give rise to the possibility of wildlife sightings.

Great Rann of Kutch


The Great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is one of India’s finest wonders. The ride from Mumbai to the Great Rann of Kutch can be quite rewarding and once you reach Bhuj, you are in for a treat. The vast expanse of the salty marshland is unparalleled when it comes to beauty and marvel.

Chennai Mahabalipuram Pondicherry


Not many people are aware of the beauty of India’s southeastern coast. Starting your road trip from Chennai to Tamil Nadu to the charming Mahabalipuram beach, you get a taste of the weather and culture in south India. the food along this entire stretch is simply mouth-watering. And when you reach Pondicherry, you can rest assured as you will be at one of the most relaxing and refreshing destinations of India.

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