Esp­rito Santa

Herb mate, tucupi, aca§á and cupua§u are ingredients not so common in everyday life, but they have become a source of inspiration for the Amazon chef Natacha Fink in the elaboration of sophisticated Brazilian recipes for the Esp­rito Santo restaurant – located in the circuit Gastronomic of Santa Teresa, in a beautiful mansion from 1875.

The combination of these different flavors gave rise to a mouth-watering menu. “The concept of the house is to offer a contemporary cuisine that explores the ingredients of the Amazon, not necessarily in the traditional way, but in a way that pleases the client, with exotic creations, with unique taste and seasoning from Brazil,” says the expert.

Among the most special suggestions of the restaurant are the boyfriend on the sheet, where the pirarucu fillet is stuffed with crab mousse and dried shrimp. Roasted on cabbage leaf with chestnut sauce, the dish accompanies rice with chestnuts, coconut pir£o and farofa of flour of water. For meat lovers, it is worth sampling the Bicho do Mato, a mignon with a large layer of glazed onions and cabbage leaves served with wine sauce and cream of baroa. The Holy Spirit also offers Tucupi Caldino seasoned and flavored with chili pepper and jambo and accompanied by shrimp. Most of the dishes are served in generous portions, since chef Natacha enjoys the style “share with friends and family all options”.

The menu is harmonized by somelire Graciela Bittencourt, with a letter that prioritizes Brazilian wines and also includes Chilean, Argentine, French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish labels. .

In addition to the delicious dishes, it is worth tasting the desserts such as the chocolate-filled tapioca cake served with orange juice, the hot guava tart with Canastra mountain cheese and cinnamon scent, and the crunchy rolls stuffed with apple jam And bacuri, flavored with cumin and mangarataia.