Humpback wales feeding in Alaska

This is the amazing moment a humpback whale emerged from the tranquil waters of a lazy dock.
Workers at Clover Pass Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska, were going about their daily business when they spotted the huge mammal swimming underneath the wooden paths over the sea.

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After spotting the huge humpback whales mass in Alaska about five feet away from the dock, the workers rushed to the edge of the boardwalk to take a closer look.

They caught the huge whale on camera as it moved closer towards them and breached the water.
Spouting water, the humpback wales glided through the gentle seas as the workers looked on in amazement at the rare sight.

At one point, it even popped head first out of the water in an apparent bid to try and ‘bubble feed’.

Bubble net feeding by humpbacks wales involves circling a school of fish by blowing bubbles, which in turn prompts them to the surface.

The humpback whales will dive below a shoal of prey, approximately 50 metres, and then slowly begin a ‘spiral’ towards the surface – blowing bubbles in a circular motion, which can be seen on the surface.

The bubbles congregate the prey and force them towards the surface near the centre of the circle. The whale is then able to break through the bubbles and swallow a large number of fish at once.

It is quite unusual for the creatures to swim so close to the shore, and they are often difficult to capture on film especially when they are bubble feeding.

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