1. Dal-Bhat

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As the saying goes ‚Dal-bhat power 24 hour‚, it can be said as the National food of Nepal. A meal eaten twice daily in every Nepali household, you can hardly find a Nepali who doesn‚t like dal-bhat and a Nepal traveler who hasn‚t tried it when traveling to Nepal.

2. Momo

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Momo is a nepali innovation of chinese dumplings. Its history unknown but it is the most popular food in Nepal. A white-flour dough filled with buffalo or chicken meat, it is steamed and eaten with pickles.

3. Chatamari

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Chatamari a kind of rice crepe, is the special traditional food of the newari people. The most rejoiced food in Nepal, Newari cuisine consist of more than 200 foods in itself of which chatamari is one of them. Made from rice floor, the crepe is topped with‚ minced meat, egg and seasoned with vegetables.

4. Sel roti

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Sel roti is a ring shaped, sweet Nepali dish mostly prepared during the festival of Tihar. A doughnut like appearance, sell roti is made of rice flour and deep fried in butter. The dish mostly prepared during festival of Tihar, can be found in major department stores and small eateries.

5. Dhindo

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Dhindo is a food that is made by boiling hot water and continuously mixing flours of maize and buckwheat. Dhindo a traditional Nepali food is widely consumed in hilly and mountain areas of Nepal, especially in dry areas where rice or wheat corps are difficult to grow. Often eaten with vegetable curry, pickle, meat soup or gundruk (fermented leafy green vegetable) soup. Although a food of humble origin, dhindo is the other most used meal apart from dal-bhat and these days you can find it being served in many restaurants serving Nepali foods.

6. Yak Cheese

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Made from Yak milk, Yak-cheese is something that is loved by many Nepal travelers. As Yaks are found in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet, you can find home made cheese and also commercially produced Yak cheese. With two major variants a softer one and other, the hard one often called Churpi.

7. Juju Dhau

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A specialty of the town of bhaktapur, Juju dhau means the ‚King Yogurt‚. Rich in taste and with thick creamy consistency, once you taste it you‚ll know why it is called ‚King yogurt‚. Found in clay pots and plastic cups, it is often used as desert.