Nassau‚ Do‚s

  • Have a great time.
  • Use lots of sunscreen ‚ you‚ll burn easily.
  • Enjoy the culture of the Bahamas
  • Explore the forts and queens staircase.
  • Eat at the fish fry.
  • Try snorekling with stingrays or the dolphin encounter.
  • Buy some trinkets from the straw market.
  • Bring lots of money‚the Bahamas is expensive.

Nassau Don‚ts

  • Don‚t believe the young Bahamian men. They are aggressive, and have new girl friend every week.
  • Don‚t leave your drink unattended. Rufies exist in the Bahamas same as in the states.
  • Don‚t buy or smoke marijuana.
  • Don‚t go to cocktails and dreams ‚ there are shoot out and stabbing there on a regular basis.
  • Don‚t go anywhere alone, especially at night. There are many areas that are unsafe for tourist.
  • Don‚t flash your money around.
  • Don‚t flirt when you don‚t mean it. Big Trouble with boys who don‚t take no for an answer.
  • Don‚t go topless.- it‚s against the law.