The Great Old House

The Great Old House Restaurant is located on 19 Castle Street and is a lovely period building, standing majestically in the historical French Quarter of Roseau. Signatured by its high-end native creole cuisine, The Great Old House also serves fine wines, spirits and liqueurs ‚ to produce a charming dining experience – all delivered and wrapped in a lovely restaurant setting with rich decor and great service. The Great Old House has very quickly made its mark in Roseau as a leader in quality and class dining – with very positive feedback from one repeat client as follows: ‚The restaurant is excellent and has an international flair with stylish dcor and great food! We eat here regularly when we are in town.‚ The Great Old House offers authentic Island and Caribbean cuisine, prepared with indigenous fresh provisions, fish and seafood, island herbs and local spices.

The restaurant is managed by well versed hospitality expert, Leonard Lewis, alongside its sister establishment, The Old Stone Bar and Grill (see write up on following page). The Great Old House is open Monday to Saturday from 0600-2230hrs and on selected Sundays and holidays with special events and group bookings available by request.

In Leonard Lewis‚ own words: ‚It‚s superb, natural toned modern relaxing dcor, uncompromised service and preparation method makes The Great Old House the first choice for yacht captain‚s, crew members, seasoned travellers, business professionals and millennials alike‚. Call to make enquiries or to book your group event.